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This site originated from my desire to make the Tarzier family memoirs available to family, friends, and those interested in Latvia and its people (I'm collecting pertinent websites also). The book covers the Baptist spiritual revival in Latvia in the aftermath of World War I, as well as the faith-based exodus of some two thousand Latvians to Brazil in 1921-1922. It touches, briefly, on my parents’ life in the “Varpa” colony in Sao Paulo. Part IV tells the story of my uncle's family razor-edge escape to Sweden and the U.S. when Stalin’s armies overtook the Baltic countries in 1944.

The Farm in Druviena, circa 1910

The Tarsiers of Brazil, circa 1948

Grandfather Karlis and his family, circa 1914

Karlis, Jule and family in Latvia, circa 1914

Monica with Dad & Mother, 1957


Family life is documented in photos. Click here.

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A tarsier, not to be confused with a Tarzier


Fireside Reading


Miracles Collection: Tahiti

Intimacy, a few thoughts on what makes life worth living.

Latvia 1999 is a transcript of my notes of Scott's and my trip to the old country.

Outrageous Request tells of my sister's visit to the US in 1989, and the strange thank-you letter I received. Bear with it, because the end rewards you with a satisfying twist!

The Rise and Fall of Cative Verbs is about one of my many childhood moments (sometimes days!) of sheer panic.

Zuleima—well, I had to tell that story. She deserved every bit of it.

My House, a bit of nostalgia, speaks to my lifelong interest in living spaces.




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