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For the reader unfamiliar with A Course in Miracles, it is a 1,000+ page manual on psychospiritual development. Besides offering a solid theoretical basis with touches of Christianity, Buddhism, Tao, and Vedanta philosophy, it presents the student with a workbook of 365 lessons that relentlessly reinforce the timeless ideas of these spiritual paths, making them vastly harder to evade or ignore.

What follows are very personal blogs of my journey back to the Source, each based on the lesson of the day. They have previously been published in various discussion boards, mainly [email protected] and [email protected]. They are not intended as the final word on anything. I encourage you to study the lessons for yourself in the same way. Active participation, rather than hand-me-down theology, is a core principle of A Course in Miracles. It works for me; I trust that active participation will do the same for you.

I have been asked how I got around to dialoguing with the Infinite, and how do I know this is not just a bunch of BS? To learn more, here's my story.

A Course in Miracles is available in 3 hardcover volumes, or in durable paperback form. It can be ordered from any bookstore, Unity Church, or from To order directly from the Foundation, click here.

By the way, MT are my initials (Monica Tarzier), and JC is the Author of the Course.



Lesson blogs, years 2004-2009.